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Introducing Perfection SmoothOut™, the new patent-pending innovation to instantly and safely transform coarse, frizzy, curly hair to smooth, straight and superbly shiny with results lasting months.
The Perfection SmoothOut™ employs the most advanced technology to expertly restore hair to an incredibly healthy and gorgeous state beyond expectations. Why stop at great, when you can have Perfection.
How does it work?
Perfection's proprietary Nano-Amino Complex™ miraculously suspends the internal textural memory of the hair to safely transform it to a new, soft and sensual look and feel.
How long does it last?
By following the Perfection SmoothOut™ service with regular use of the Perfection Smoothing sulfate and salt-free Shampoo and Conditioner, the hair will retain its new sleek and smooth memory state for 8-12 weeks. It will then gradually return to its pre-service state with no line of demarcation.
Who is the Perfection SmoothOut™ Service for?
The Perfection SmoothOut™ Solution has a low pH formula and contains no harsh chemicals, which make it safe to use on all clients. Unlike the trouble-filled Thio and Brazilian-type straighteners of recent past, Perfection's advanced formula poses no health risk and actually improves the integrity of the hair.
Can the Perfection SmoothOut™ service be applied over hair that is color-treated, highlighted and/or bleached?
The Perfection SmoothOut™ service can be successfully applied to color-treated, highlighted and/or bleached hair. In fact, Perfection is so gentle it allows for same-day color and shampoo.
Before Perfection SmoothOut           After Perfection SmoothOut
Blow dried without hair brush           Blow dried without brush or
                                                                   Flat iron
The two color lines we use are Pravana chromosilk and L'Oreal.
Pravana has a full range of 90 permanent colors and Vivids a series of 9 vibrant semi-permanent colors
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